Brigstock Parish Council

Serving the people of Brigstock

Brigstock Memorial

Clerk: Mr Nigel Searle
7 Church Street, Brigstock
Kettering, Northamptonshire
NN14 3EX

Brigstock Consolidated Charities

The Charity consists of a number of small endowments made in the past chiefly for the benefit of the Church and the poor of Brigstock. When these endowments became "consolidated" and updated, it was clearly laid down in law who could benefit.

After certain expenses, one quarter on the income goes to St Andrew's Church. The rest of the income is for the relief of need, hardship or distress, either generally or individually, of the people resident in Brigstock. Each case is considered on its own merits which means taking into account the particular circumstances of the individual. All cases are dealt with in the strictest confidence.

After the needs of those in financial distress have been considered, the trustees have the opportunity to give grants to village organisations which benefit village residents. If you wish to make an application for yourself or on behalf of someone else, please contact the secretary Mrs Sally Wilks 01536 373428 or one of the trustees whose names can also be found on the noticeboard in the church porch.

List of Current Trustees

Rev'd Heather Lowe 263550

Carl Hector 373410

Bill Simon 373388

Liz Searle 373672

Jane Jones 373129

James Steward 07980015572

Abigail Marsden Findlay

Secretary and Treasurer Sally Wilks 373428


Historical Information